Christian Ed.


We believe that Christian formation is a life-long process that nurtures us intellectually and spiritually, equipping us to live out our baptismal promises. 

Many of us took part in the  Bishop's year long Bible Challenge.



St Luke's has a free lending library for both children and adults.   Come take a look  


Some books you may barrow are:

" A Treasury of Anglican Art."

"The Gospel of Mary Magdalene."

"How the Bible Became a Book."

The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus."

"A Seat At The Table."

"Approaching The Quran."

Books from the Church's Teaching Series.


 Millie Pease leads our Sunday School along with Lory Shaddock, Carrie Domogalla,  and Helen Yost

We believe that each child is born with an natural spiritually and has much to contribute to our church community.  Our children meet each Sunday at 10:00  for Sunday school.   They return at the peace with their teacher to the church where they join their family to share Holy Communion with the congregation.   Our children are encouraged to take an active part in the service.  - 






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