Christmas Family

As a part of our outreach to the community we adopt a family in need each year during the Christmas Season. 


This Sunday our ‘Adopt A Family’ partnership with Grace Church begins. As a congregation we will be sharing our abundance with four Calistoga families identified by UpValley Family Centers. For each family we will provide a gift basket with small holiday items along with gift cards equivalent to $50 per person. All donations must be brought to the church by Sunday, December 8th.

Here are three ways you can participate:

  1. Buy gift cards: Select a ‘gift tag’ from the Christmas Tray ($50 for Safeway or $25 for Target or Walmart). Bring the gift card to church and put it in the Santa Tin. Tie your gift card on the Christmas Tree.
  2. Contribute items for the gift baskets: Bring small items (e.g. packaged food, holiday decorations) for the gift baskets and put them in the designated collection basket.
  3. Donate money: Put cash or checks made payable to St. Luke’s in the designated Nutcracker Tin. These funds will be used to complete our baskets and/or gift card donations.


  April 2020  
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