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Episcopal Relief and Development

UPDATE: ONGOING U.S. HURRICANE RECOVERY As the devastating hurricanes of 2017 fade further from memory, those who live in the affected areas know that recovery isn't measured in weeks or months, but years. We continue to work with local dioceses to help these communities rebuild and flourish. Here is an update on some of our efforts. TEXAS: The Dioceses of Texas and West Texas were severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Last year the Diocese of Texas identified seven parish "hubs," and this year we anticipate four more will be added. The work of these hubs varies by the needs of each community, and includes everything from home rebuilding and repair to domestic violence counseling to organizing communities for recovery work. In the Diocese of West Texas, the current focus is on identifying and assisting with unmet needs for recovering households. A mini-grant program was offered to congregations in the 15 affected counties to provide aid for household goods, rebuilding and repairs. FLORIDA: In Central Florida, several churches in the Orlando area have taken lead roles in supporting displaced families, mainly from Puerto Rico. The Diocese of Southeast Florida is concentrating its response in Marathon Key, which was hard hit by Hurricane Irma, focusing on affordable housing for low-wage workers. They have bought an abandoned apartment complex, which the diocese and local congregations will restore this year. And in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael last year, the Diocese of Central Gulf Coast is planning to launch a program to expand parish ministries in the broader Panama City area. PUERTO RICO: The Diocese of Puerto Rico continues to focus primarily on housing reconstruction initiatives. Since Hurricane Maria struck, more than 57,500 families have received support through diocesan recovery programs. This year we expect the long-term recovery program to expand further, and will include the addition of "Savings with Education" activities.

The Diocese of Northern California

1. Diocesan Newsletter: An easy way to keep abreast of the news around the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California is to subscribe to its newsletter, the Diocesan e-News, which is delivered to your inbox on most Tuesday afternoons. You can subscribe on the diocesan website, www.norcalepiscopal.prg, by clocking on the button under CONNECT WITH US, and providing us with your name and email. We take your privacy seriously and do not share lists with anyone.

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