Safe Space for PFLAG Participants

What do we mean when we say We Believe Out Loud.


We At St. Luke's Believe That...

  • Faith is a journey that reveals the new and unexpected everyday.  Just as Abraham set forth on a journey in response to God’s call, we are travelers on an unknown, wondrous and sometimes frightening path.

  • Each of us is made in God’s image – beautiful and beloved, unique and whole.

  • The greatest commandment is love. We strive to love God with all our hearts, all our minds and all our souls and to love our neighbors as ourselves. 

Jesus teaches us to welcome all.  We believe our churches and society should do the same. We work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality because God calls us to do justice and love kindness.  

One day, all of us – regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity – will be treated as equals in our families, our churches and our communities.  

Until that day, we will raise our Christian voices for love, equality and justice!


St. Luke’s welcomes  PFLAG participants to a safe space. Members of our congregation organize and facilitate the meeting.  All are welcome ages 18 and over, those under 18 are invited to come with an adult. 

- Note PFLAG is not a religious organization. 

PFLAG’s Mission: Support for families, allies & people who are LGBTQ; Education for ourselves and others about the unique issues and challenges facing people who are LGBTQ; Advocacy in our communities to change attitudes & create policies & laws that achieve full equality for people who are LGBTQ. PFLAG envisions a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued, and affirmed inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. ( (707) 681-1477

  May 2018  
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