What you can expect if you visit.

We are glad you are thinking of visiting St. Luke's. 

Welcome.   We believe everyone who enters our church is God's guest, and we are happy that you are thinking of joining us in our worship service. 

A map to the church is located on the lower left of the home  page.  Contact information is there as well if you need further help.

Our service starts at 10 A.M. and usually lasts just over an hour.

If you are seeking a church for this week only, we invite you to celebrate with us and may God be with you as you travel. 
If you are seeking a church community, we hope you will be inspired by your visit with us and will return in the future.

We will try to answer some common questions visitors might have.  We want you to feel welcome.

When you arrive at the church, you will be greeted and given a service leaflet which has everything you will need to take part in the service, except for the hymns.  The music is in the blue hymn books in the rack in front of your seat.  Our service contains readings from the Bible, prayers, music, and a sermon on the topic of the day's scripture readings.  It will usually be a communion service and you are welcome to come forward to the altar to receive communion.  Instructions will be given at the time of communion. Feel free to join in as little or as much as you wish, this includes standing and kneeling.  Some of us are physically not comfortable when we stand or kneel, and simply sit through out the service. 

Please sit anywhere you like.   Our restrooms are close at hand in the Parish Hall .  Ask anyone for directions, or simply exit through the center door at the very rear of the church.( note you will need to proceed through a second door) 

We are a small informal congregation and many of our visitors are here on vacation.  You might check out some of our pictures on the web page to see how others are dressed.  You will see we wear everything from jeans to suits. Come as you are.    Our founder wore sandals. 

As a  visitor you will not be singled out, invited to stand, or otherwise asked to identify yourself during the service.  Following the service we will introduce ourselves, please let us know what brings you through our doors.

  We invite you to stay for fellowship immediately following the service in our Parish Hall.  It will give you a chance to meet our members in an informal setting. We serve coffee, tea, and juice and there is a place for children to play. 

If you have any other questions please post them below and we will do our best to answer.




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