Our vicars

Vicars of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

The Rev. P.M. Stewart, 1946-1951

The Rev. Harry Lee, 1951-1954

The Rev. R.N. Warren, 1954

W.R. Baskin, 1955

The Rev. C. Aaron King, 1956-1961

The Rev. J. Dean Maurer, 1961-1966

The Rev. Wallace E. Sprague, 1966-1969

The Rev. Marvin Bowers, 1969-1972

The Rev. Gary K. Sturni, 1972-1974

The Rev. Wallace E. Sprague, 1974-1993

The Rev. James Knutsen, 1993-1994

The Rev. William Rontani, 1994-2006

The Rev. Lucretia Jevne, 2007-2012

The Rev. Mary Goshert, 2013-2018

The Rev. Susan Napoliello, deacon, 2015-2020

The Rev. William “Father Mac” McIlmoyl, 2018 to present

Filling in were the Rev. Wendy Watson, the Rev. Pamela Moore